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The world’s highest performance standards in eliminating noxious odors and hazardous Volatile organic compounds

“Eco-Catalyst is the next generation green chemistry — both exceptionally safe to use and able to provide accelerated bio-remediation of the toxic biological conditions which produce odors.”



Extremely cost effective due to the ability to be delivered through water based spray systems at high dilution levels.


Used successfully in installations throughout the world to solve the toughest jobs.


Neutralizes ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and hydrocarbon type noxious VOC compounds in solid waste, organic compositing, and sludge treatment.


Simple, flexible, and immediately effective upon contact.


Meat Industry

Poultry Industry


Pig Farming

How it works


Oxidizes noxious gases through oxygen transfer,
Establishes more oxygenated and healthy aerobic biologicalconditions,
Instantaneous odor neutralization on contact.

Bio-Catalytic Factors For Optimizing Biological Breakdown


Initiates an immediate catalytic breakdown of wastes,
Eliminates the accumulation of biofilms and microscopic scum,
Maintains drains and interceptors free flowing with no odors.

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