CMCP is one of the leading companies in Latin America in the production and commercialization of forest products, pulp, paper and tissue products.mentum.

Testing Period

Testing periods were broken down into two one month tests:

Pulper 1 testing and Tissue Paper Making Machine Testing

Evaluation Procedure

The test was carried out in the Pulp of Recycled Paper 1 from March 14th to the 23rd, while it was made in Paper 2 of the paper 753 Towel Nova Ultra second sheet and 767 Napkin Nova Abolengo.

Results and Conclusion

Quality of Disaggregation: From the samples, it is observed that at 7 minutes the additive could disaggregate the Atmos (recycled) paper with RH with 150 mL of additive as shown in Figure 1.

Costs and Consumption

It is observed that in the test, 150 mL of Fiber-Cat™ was discharged for a load of 3,500 kg to disintegrate the RH blanket for an annual production of 100,000 tons.