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Germination: Did not show differences in the measured variables of percentage of germination, seedling height and germinated seedling root length.
Fertilization/Watering: The response of rice to three additional treatments as an adjunct application to fertilization used in rice irrigation.
Results: In positive effect of the products is reflected in improved plant height, increased production of stems and better initial force, this is a good indicator of plant development when treatments 1 and 2 were applied.
1. Panícula:(a loose, branching cluster of flowers, as in oats or rice) Samples results-T0: many stems with very short panicles. Verses: T1: Minor number stems with panicles longer. & T2: All stems produced long panicles. (is good)
2. The Rice with the use of T2 (Eco-CatTM) : Increased production of grains per plant by 64%
3. % Sterility: Lowered % of vain grain, not full of rice grain from 13.5% ( Baseline) to 3.9% with use of T2 (Eco-CatTM)
4. There is no statistical differences, the weight of the seed (of beads) was similar. This character is more given the variety.
5. Weight of root /grs increased by 104% with the use of T2 (Eco-CatTM).

Essay No. 1: Effect Of Treatment With Two Products Of The Company Industrial Chemical Treatments On The Germination Of Rice Seed.

Introduction: This test aims to observe the effect of two chemical treatments on germination, seedling height and length of the root of rice seed.
Materials and method: For the germination test took seed of the variety Oryzica 1 and three solutions or treatments were used to then immerse the seed before putting it to pregerminar, products for the preparation of solutions were:

1. Ecosystem Plus®,
2. Eco-CatTM
3. Witness (distilled water).

For germination testing rice was sown in sterilized sand, said grower test were 4 replicates of 100 seeds each. The seeds were treated for 2 minutes with their respective solution.


T1: the 2% solution of the product Ecosystem Plus®
T2: 2% of product EcoCatalyst®
T0 solution: solution of distilled water (control).

A bag containing 100 rice seeds per replication was immersed for 2 minutes in each of the treatments, one time completely moistened seed, proceeded to sow it in sterilized sand grower, trays were placed in an area protected and kept with the moisture required for germination, rice seed germinates between 7 – 10 days after sowing.

To assess the effects of treatments in rice seed, took the data on percentage of germination, height or development of the germinated seedlings and the length of the root.

Taken observations indicated that treated seed showed a percentage of germination, seedling length and root length, similar to untreated seed or control treatment.

Final Considerations: The treatments used to treat the seed of rice variety Oryzica 1, did not show differences in the measured variables: percentage of germination, seedling height and germinated seedling root length.

Products used in this test were an industrial presentation, we recommend testing with the product (PhytoCatTM), agricultural use at different doses to see its effects both in seed and plants.