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Green chemistry that cleans irrigation lines and drip emitters

“Phyto-Cat is a bio-catalytic water and soil conditioner that provides superior cleaning of slime and mineral fouling in irrigation lines, emitters, and enhances soil.”



Maintains irrigation lines and emitters.


Improves moisture penetration and retention.


Enhances the bioavailability of nutrients.


Promotes aerobic soil conditions and microbiology.


Improves root growth.


Enhances water uptake.


Tomato Plantations

Fruit & Vegetable Growers

Olive Plantations


How it works

“Phyto-Catalyst keeps irrigation lines and emitters free flowing and clear of mineralization and biological film formation.”

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How Phyto-Cat Irrigation System Cleaning works

A Two Year Old Vineyard Development Under Phyto Cat Treatment

Using Phyto-Cat at Chalone Vineyard

Using Phyto-Cat vs Peroxide to Clean Drip Irrigation Systems

Using Phyto-Cat at Sebastiani Vineyards

How Phyto-Cat Works

Case Studies

The influence of Phyto-CatTM on Growth, Development, and Productivity of soy and Vegetable Crops

Russian Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations: To study the influence of the bio-organic catalyst Phyto-CatTM on growth, development, and productivity of soy and vegetable crops Increased demand for agricultural products requires increased production of tilled...

Effect On Germination and Growing Of Rice Seed

Germination: Did not show differences in the measured variables of percentage of germination, seedling height and germinated seedling root length. Fertilization/Watering: The response of rice to three additional treatments as an adjunct application to fertilization...

Tomato Master Case Study Report

Subject In this report, you can read how we did a test with Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) in the irrigation water for tomatoes. These fruits are growing in the glasshouse of LV Vlaemynck in Nevele. The test is to add some BOC at the irrigation water to have more...

Agriculture – Bio-Catalytic Water & Soil Conditioner

We are actively working on transforming water treatment use in agriculture through the ability of our bio-catalytic product, Phyto-Cat, to replace toxic chemical treatments in remediating fouling of irrigation lines and emitters, with a green and safe product that prevents these problems from occurring. Furthermore, our bio-catalytic technology is showing significant benefits in improving the nutrient and water uptake by plants.

The focus on soil microbiome has become increasingly important to the optimal management of water and fertilizer use by farmers. Additionally, the ability of a robust microbiome to provide carbon sequestration is a very timely focus on governments and industry worldwide.

Our product, Phyto-Cat, brings incredible benefits to enhancing soil microbiome, especially the aerobic microbes within the soil which are essential to its health. Phyto-Cat has shown quite dramatic results in reducing the accumulation of salts and iron in soils, which is another important contribution to soil health.

Due to both enhanced nutrient and water uptake by plants, Phyto-Cat has shown in numerous case studies an ability to substantially improve harvest yields and plant health. In addition, the flavors and nutrient values of the plants have shown strong improvements.

Phyto-Cat has the potential to bring benefits to both traditional and sustainable agriculture operations. By transforming the bio-catalytic mechanisms of water, we will positively affect the economics and ecological dynamics of every farmer.

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